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You are always leading – first yourself, and then others! Benchmark delivers highly effective leadership skills coaching, consulting and training programs. We provide top-rated leadership development strategies to help your high potentials and leaders change behaviors and acquire new skills to be their very best!

Our leadership coaches are also Certified Master Practitioners in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, the study of effective language and behavior patterns.

Analyst & Financial Communication

Take advantage of the growing audience during quarterly earnings calls and discover better strategies to influence financial decision makers.
How You Succeed – Thousands of publicly traded companies conduct quarterly earnings calls with Wall Street analysts, and you need better strategies to influence their perceptions and decisions. According to the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), more and more of these calls are open to financial media and individual investors, so the audience is growing, along with the opportunity to influence decisions. With the right coaching, you can differentiate your organization from the competition and build trust with the key players who shape investor opinions.
What You Will Learn – Prior to our coaching session you will take a brief, on-line assessment that provides insight into your motivation, thinking and communication styles. Then, we will analyze the communication patterns of select financial analysts that follow your company. This will allow us to show you specific ways to improve your rapport and communication with these analysts. You will learn how to use more effective language patterns, nonverbal cues, rapport skills and communication strategies to improve how you relate to them. A UCLA study reveals that nonverbal communication accounts for almost 90 percent of how people respond to you, and we will also share a host of powerful delivery skills that will transform your use of nonverbal language and cues.
Quick On Your Feet – You will also learn advanced question and answer (Q&A) strategies, so you can be quicker on your feet, more targeted and more comfortable in any setting. Our communication experts are Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns. They will help you strengthen your capabilities and increase your influence. Our goal is to give you the edge you need to be your very best!


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