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Today's leaders must have strong soft skills to inspire and equip teams to achieve your business goals. Benchmark delivers highly effective leadership development and leadership coaching solutions.

Benchmark's leadership consultants are experts in human behavior, communication and motivation. Fortune 500 companies call on Benchmark for customized leadership development solutions.

Leadership Decision-Making

Decision-Making Skills

Decision-making skills are paramount to successful leadership. Great leaders use a variety of leadership decision strategies as they balance data with emotions. Their goal is to make the best decisions possible based on the context and available information. During Benchmark Communications' Leadership Decision-Making Coaching our experts help leaders refine and improve their decision-making skills. Decision strategies are habitual, which means they made quickly and primarily at a subconscious level. This is why most leaders are oblivious to their daily decision-making patterns. Benchmark's coaches help leaders understand their patterns, so they can make better and more timely decisions.

How Leaders Make Decisions

Benchmark's leadership coaches use the iWAM assessment to help leaders understand their decision-making patterns. This assessment reveals key Meta Programs. These Programs are behavioral filters that manage and influence a number of things: how leaders make decisions, how they are persuaded, how they prefer to receive information and much more. Knowledge of these Programs also helps them understand how others make decisions. Leaders reap many benefits by expanding their knowledge about leadership decision-making strategies. They gain skills to more effectively lead and influence others on new initiatives and organizational goals.


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