Stakeholder trust is key to your business success, yet trust levels remain low in key industries. You can improve stakeholder engagement and trust with the right stakeholder strategies. Benchmark delivers quality stakeholder training, consulting and coaching to help you improve your stakeholder relationships.

Our stakeholder engagement experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - the study of effective human behavior and language.

Legislative Testimony Coaching & Town Hall Meeting Prep

Legislative Testimony Coaching & Town Hall Meeting Prep – This legislative testimony coaching will equip your people with the best messaging, delivery and communication skills to influence lawmaker decisions. Or, if you are planning a town hall meeting, our team will provide the right strategies with professional town hall meeting preparation.
Testifying Before Lawmakers – Every day, lawmakers, regulators and others make decisions that impact the future of individuals and organizations. Therefore, you need the best communication and presentation delivery skills possible to effectively tell your story. First,  you need to think about your primary and secondary  audiences - who do you want to influence?  What are the emotions and beliefs behind their thinking? Our coaches will help you create effective messages, improve your delivery skills and arm you with quality question and answer skills. You will be ready to testify!
Town Hall Meeting Preparation – Your first goal during a town hall meeting is to "be heard" - to build rapport with your audience. Without rapport, people cannot hear your messages! You will also discover strategies to greatly increase your Credibility and Likability Factors - so you can deliver clear, believable messages while connecting with your audience. Studies show emotions override data when people make decisions. So while while accurate data is important, it is just as important you know how to align the underlying emotions that drive public perceptions. Professional Coaches & Consultants – Our leaders are experts in messaging, presentations and testimony; one of our principals is an attorney with vast experience in testimony strategies. We are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of effective behavior and language cues. We will share powerful strategies to help you listen and align with the core filters of your audience; core filters include things such as emotions, values, criteria and beliefs. We are also experts in nonverbal communication, so you will gain new strategies to greatly improve your presentation delivery skills.
Extras – A university study reveals that nonverbal communication accounts for right at 90 percent of how people respond to you. Therefore, we will share powerful skills to ensure your nonverbal cues support your messages. In summary, you will learn proven strategies to align with emotions, frame messages, humanize your organization and influence thinking. This coaching will give you the edge you need to influence decision makers.


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