Stakeholder trust is key to your business success, yet trust levels remain low in key industries. You can improve stakeholder engagement and trust with the right stakeholder strategies. Benchmark delivers quality stakeholder training, consulting and coaching to help you improve your stakeholder relationships.

Our stakeholder engagement experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - the study of effective human behavior and language.

Key Message Development

Targeted Key Messages – Effective key message development can be the difference between stakeholder success and failure. When your key messages resonate with stakeholders, you earn permission to be heard! But, if your messages do not resonate, your stakeholders shut down their hearing and shut you out. Your stakeholders "filter" your key messages and our message experts can show you how to break through these filters. Our messaging consultants will help you identify stakeholder filters and create key messages to influence their thinking and actions.
Stakeholder Filters – Studies now show that emotions influence people more than data when they make decisions, so your messages must be accurately aligned with your stakeholders’ core emotions, values, beliefs and other sensory filters. Otherwise, you risk a lukewarm stakeholder reception – or outright rejection. Message Experts – Our message experts and stakeholder management consultants are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns. This expertise, combined with our studies in systemic thinking and communications allows us to create targeted key messages that meet your specific stakeholder engagement goals. Our messaging experts average 25 years experience in a range of important fields: stakeholder engagement, government relations, media relations, public relations, law, business, corporate communications, human behavior, linguistics and more.
Trust & Why People Resist – We know that people naturally resist messages that confront their identity, beliefs, emotions and perspectives. This is why many organizational key messages fail to effectively earn stakeholder trust. The key is to build key messages that align with stakeholder differences at a level that is genuine and true for both parties. The right key messages can help you build stronger stakeholder relationships and open more doors of opportunity for your organization.
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