Effective communication skills and strategies are essential to achieving organizational and career goals! Benchmark delivers highly effective communication skills training, coaching and consulting programs to improve the soft skills and effectiveness of your people and organization. Our experts will help you unlock the potential of your leaders and people, so they can lead with greater clarity and purpose.

Our communication experts are also Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language. Our teams will help you transform your people and build a stronger corporate culture.

Team Communications

Invest in communication skills training that can boost your team’s morale, productivity and successes.
How You Succeed – Successful teams make for successful organizations. A well-functioning team can boost morale and productivity – and communication is at the heart of a team’s success. Beliefs, emotions, perspectives, culture, Meta Programs, strategies, context and other drivers determine how well your team communicates. Just as most of an iceberg is unseen, so are these key drivers of effective communication. When you understand these drivers, you can clearly communicate with team members, produce better results and enjoy your work! We will show you how these communication drivers affect your team’s daily success. Our leaders are communication experts and Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns. With our expertise in NLP, we can help you identify more effective ways to connects a team and communicate.
What You Will Learn – You will improve your capabilities in a range of important areas, including: perspective strategies, state management skills, emotional alignment strategies, conflict management skills, deep listening skills, rapport skills, feedback skills, language frames, information gathering skills, nonverbal communication, motivation strategies, messaging strategies, question and answer strategies and more. A UCLA study reveals that nonverbal communication greatly impacts how people respond to you, and you will learn skills to ensure your nonverbal cues support your goals and verbal communications. As an added bonus, you will also improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the ability to recognize and control emotions that affect your thinking and behavior. You will also learn about Meta Programs, behavioral filters that manage, guide and focus your thinking.


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Solid communication and empathy skills are essential to your career thriving on all types of terrain - smooth, rocky, muddy or rough. Careers, morale, employee retention and profits are all impacted by ineffective communication. Hiring managers report that people entering the job market for the...

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