Success Stories

Communication Skills & Soft Skills Success Stories


The Situation: Studies show the public believes employees are more trustworthy than your organization’s CEO, Founder or PR department! Therefore, a Fortune 500 group approached us about developing a custom Employee Brand Ambassador Program. With operations in multiple USA states and countries, they wanted their frontline employees to have effective communication skills and soft skills training to be effective brand ambassadors and help the company better tell its story. Their ultimate goal: greatly improve stakeholder engagement and customer service relationships. Frontline employees are key to corporate branding – they have direct customer and stakeholder contact. They are the primary customer and stakeholder connection that impacts the trust, image and organizational reputation!
The Results: We helped implement a comprehensive Employee Brand Ambassador program with customized Employee Ambassador Training that was delivered to thousands of employees, and included refresher sessions. The company began receiving immediate feedback that the program and training changed employee beliefs and behaviors – as well as customer and stakeholder perceptions about their operations. The company also saw litigation costs drop across its operating areas because of its improved stakeholder relations with the public, public officials and other key stakeholders. The training has become one of the most popular programs throughout the organization and the client says the program has been instrumental in changing their corporate culture to one of being more customer-centric and transparent.


The Situation: An organization was desperate to improve its stakeholder engagement and communications with a key customer group, so they asked us to consult with them to analyze how they could increase customer trust and rapport. Hundreds of their employees across many departments communicated with these customers and each group had their own special needs and areas of customer expertise. Their customer relationships were suffering, employee stress levels were high and the morale was low within their own ranks. In short, they knew they were failing in how they were connecting with the very customers that drove their financial success!
The Results: Our team interviewed key people in multiple departments to clearly understand the types of issues they faced and the types of solutions their customers needed. We worked with multiple content specialists in five departments and created a custom training curriculum to address their exact needs. We also developed custom Q&A booklets for each department to help employees improve their approach and accuracy with customer questions. The training was highly rated and within days of the initial training sessions, one of their leaders called to share some customer success stories; she said that she finally understood how to better manage of the “process” of customer complaints, communications and relationships! Employee morale started to rise and the customer experience greatly improved!


The Situation : An organization approached us about helping a promising high potential manager improve his future prospects with better communication skills and leadership skills. Although highly competent, he needed to increase his Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to improve how he engaged and related to others outside of his group. He was being labeled as “aloof” and “not a team player.” So, we gathered thorough information to fully understand how he was matching or mismatching others in the workplace. We also had him take an assessment, so we could better understand his performance and motivation drivers. The iWAM Assessment gave us useful insights about how he prefers to achieve, communicate and much more.
The Results: We helped this high potential manager identify how he was matching and mismatching others during group and one-on-one interactions. He learned communication strategies to set achievable outcomes, build rapport and trust – and greatly improved how he connects with and engages people on a daily basis. We also provided numerous strategies to help him improve his self-awareness on how others perceive his verbal and nonverbal cues. This young leader has gone on to achieve greater things for his organization. He now tells his staff that working with Benchmark was absolutely the turning point in his career!