Just because you present, does not mean you are heard! But, with the right storytelling and presentation skills, you can motivate people to think and act in news ways! Benchmark delivers high-quality storytelling strategies and presentation skills training, consulting and coaching programs to help transform your image and capabilities.

Our presentation experts have invested more than 30 years refining our strategies to help leaders become more engaging presenters and master storytellers. Our expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) adds additional value to our approach, as it is the study of human behavior and language – both verbal and nonverbal.

Breakthrough Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training – Transform how you engage audiences with this standout presentation skills training. Discover why Fortune 500 leaders say this presentation workshop forever changes how they organize, think and deliver presentations! You will change how you think about yourself and your audience as you learn to be a more engaging presenter. This workshop is fun, challenging and career-changing!
Becoming an Engaging Presenter – Just because you speak or present does not mean you are heard! You have less than 30 seconds to engage your audience and overcome shrinking attention spans. This presentation skills training is different from others; you will learn how to capture and hold your audience's attention, no matter the length of your presentation. Once you know how to use these skills, you will stand out above competitors and propel your organization to a stronger position.
Best Practices for Presentations – All of our presentation skills are backed up with behavioral research to help you become a more powerful presenter and storyteller. You will learn a range of crucial presenting skills, including more than 25 presentation engagement strategies to keep your audience tuned in. You will also discover better presentation formats and themes to make your subject matter more interesting. You will become aware of best practices for PowerPoint, storytelling skills and much more!
Audience Trust & Rapport – Effective presenters know how to gain trust and rapport with their audience. You will learn numerous ways to gain rapport with your audience to increase trust. You will also discover how to break through dozens of audience filters that cause them not to hear certain messages – filter such as emotions, beliefs, perspectives, values, culture, criteria and more.
Improving Your Credibility & Likability – You will practice new skills to help you increase your Credibility and Likability Factors. Your Credibility Factor is based on the clarity and packaging of your presentation. Your Likability Factor is driven by how you connect with your audience at an emotional level to gain their trust.
Presentation Delivery Skills – Powerful presenters command their space, and you will learn many presentation skills to advance your nonverbal delivery skills. Psychology Today says your audience forms a larger picture of you in their minds; they process small clues and everything from voice tone to posture impacts their thinking about you and your message. Our coaches will help you "command your space" with more authority and approachability.
Storytelling Skills Training – Storytelling is a foundational presentation skill! You will learn how to choose the best stories and improve how you tie them into your content. Beyond content, you will learn many verbal and nonverbal skills necessary to  make your stories have maximum impact. From the smallest staff meeting, to a conference call, to a keynote address - storytelling skills are a worthwhile investment for you and your organization!
Presentation Coaches – Our presentation coaches are highly experienced - they have led countless presentation skills training sessions for Fortune 500 leaders around the globe. They have also created stunning and compelling presentations for many Fortune 500 groups. They are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of communication skills behavior and language. Our coaches have helped leaders transform their careers with top presentation skills and storytelling strategies.


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