Success Stories

Leaders success stories


The Situation: Leadership skills are crucial and the right executive coaching can unlock true leadership potential and increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ). HR managers of a West Coast company referred us to one of their company’s leaders; he was desperate to retain a very talented, young executive who was new to the organization. She was struggling in her communication skills, stakeholder relationships and interactions with others. We interviewed her bosses to get a better sense of how she was matching and mismatching others in the workplace. She had earned a reputation for being abrupt and lacked the communication and self-awareness skills to understand how her behavior was impacting her career and others in her group. We developed a game plan and identified the key gaps of what she was missing in her self-awareness and communication strategies.
The Results: We delivered custom coaching sessions to increase her self- awareness and gave her the strategies she needed to adapt her communications to more closely match and align with others. Within two weeks of her initial coaching session, her boss called and said, “I am not sure what you did – but thank you! She is now the leader we had hoped we had hired!” Later, she shared with us how her boss became her biggest fan, mentor and closest confidant. She was able to thrive and achieve solid results for the organization.


The Situation: A female executive sought us out after hearing about our expertise in leadership skills, effective communication and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). As a minority in a very male-populated company and industry, she needed better leadership strategies for women - for having a stronger voice, standing out and getting promoted. She is highly respected for her technical expertise and knowledge, holding a PHD in Science and Engineering, along with an MBA. But, she also wanted to increase her self -awareness, leadership, engagement, rapport and communication skills to break through and “earn a seat at the table.”
The Results: We gave her a pre-coaching assessment, so she could better understand her 48 performance and motivation drivers that determine how she prefers to achieve, make decisions, communicate, etc. She had thoroughly studied EQ, but she wanted help in making it a daily reality and part of her leadership style and habits. She says our coaching made all the difference in her career and helped her really understand how to actually implement EQ as a leader. She has moved up to a much higher position and now enjoys a greater level of overall career satisfaction and fulfillment.


The Situation: Executive coaching can unlock true leadership potential and performance - with the right leadership skills and communication skills. An HR leader recommended us to an executive who was being considered for a much higher position in their organization. He is highly respected for his knowledge and contribution to the company and has virtually no turnover within his group, but needed to do a better job at engaging and influencing people outside of his department in order to move up in the organization. We gathered information about him from multiple employees, peers and leaders. He took our performance / motivation assessment and we developed a custom game plan to target his goals.
The Results: During the first hour of our initial session, this leader confessed he had dreaded and resisted the coaching process for years! But, after hearing what we had planned for him, he said, “I am now sitting here wondering why on earth I didn’t do this years ago!” He is one of the best leaders we have worked with at comprehending the core strategies and skills he needs to make his life (and those around him) much better. He immediately started making the changes necessary to achieve his career and organizational goals. He is well on his way toward his next level of success!


The Situation: The leadership team for an energy group wanted to improve their overall communication effectiveness and relationship skills with Wall Street analysts and others. They are very familiar with our team’s capabilities in leadership coaching, leadership performance, communication skills, linguistics and other areas – so they asked us to identify how they could build stronger credibility and relationships with financial analysts. After understanding their goals, we analyzed past transcripts of their quarterly earnings calls. We identified core communication skills and language patterns of the analysts, along with a series of both verbal and nonverbal communication patterns that needed improvement.
The Results: We designed a custom coaching program to help the executive team members understand how they could adapt their communication styles to that of the financial analysts. They gained new skills to be more clear, effective and engaging. They were pleasantly surprised to learn about some core communication drivers that had been out of their awareness. Those drivers were greatly impacting trust levels and how well they connected or disconnected with the financial analysts. They were able to successfully incorporate their new strategies and achieve their goals of higher trust levels and better connections with key Wall Street analysts.