Effective presentation skills are key for business success. Benchmark delivers award-winning presentation solutions: presentation skills training, public speaking coaching, business storytelling, videos, executive speeches and custom PowerPoint designs.

Benchmark's presentation coaches have unmatched expertise: human behavior experts, award-winning journalists, professional actors, creative writers, TV producers and engaging public speakers.

Keynote Speakers

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The best keynote speakers add real value and spark to your business events! Fortune 500 companies and others call on Benchmark Communications' talented speakers for all types of occasions; New Years' business kickoff meetings, leadership retreats and team building events. Industry associations also call on our speakers for top industry conferences and mini seminars. Contact us when you are ready to hire a speaker; tell us about your next event to see how we can make it a memorable experience!

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Keynote Speaker Topics

Benchmark's talented keynote speakers will entertain, motivate and inform your people about the hottest business topics. We speak on key strategies to improve work performance, motivation and morale. Our speakers have expertise in leadership, effective communication and customer trust. We are also experts in crisis management, stakeholder engagement and business storytelling. The following are examples of past topics:

  • The art of storytelling
  • How to deliver a TED-quality presentation
  • How to speak so people really listen
  • The impact of beliefs on successful teams
  • The power of daily communication skills
  • Rapport skills that boost your career
  • The amazing power of gratitude
  • The power of interpersonal skills
  • How to connect with key stakeholders at an emotional level
  • Customer service skills in the age of outrage
  • Customer skills when emotions are out of control
  • How your people either build or erode customer trust
  • Sales motivation strategies that matter
  • How emotions impact your ability to sell ideas and products
  • The impact of nonverbal communications skills on your professional brand
  • Invisible filters that control your work motivation
  • Leaders with transforming relationship skills
  • Using Horse Sense to transform your leadership style
  • Crisis management strategies that matter
  • Shaping public perceptions during a crisis
  • Ten ways to fail during a crisis response
  • And much more!


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