Just because you present, does not mean you are heard! But, with the right storytelling and presentation skills, you can motivate people to think and act in news ways! Benchmark delivers high-quality storytelling strategies and presentation skills training, consulting and coaching programs to help transform your image and capabilities.

Our presentation experts have invested more than 30 years refining our strategies to help leaders become more engaging presenters and master storytellers. Our expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) adds additional value to our approach, as it is the study of human behavior and language – both verbal and nonverbal.

Keynote Speakers

Contact us when you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker! Our experts can inform, motivate or inspire your group about relevant topics and issues. Our experts are regularly called on for New Years kickoff meetings, leadership conferences, team meetings, mini seminars and public speaking engagements for professional organizations, corporations and other groups. Your group will walk out better informed, refreshed and motivated to be their best and to help your organization achieve its goals.
Sampling of Potential Keynote Speaker Topics:
  • The art of storytelling in business
  • Storytelling and other presentation skills to deliver a TED-quality presentation
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ): the key to your leadership success
  • Leadership skills and how beliefs drive your success
  • The power of daily communication skills
  • Strategies to build your professional brand
  • Professional branding and the gift of being positive
  • The power of interpersonal skills: improve your team communication skills
  • Stakeholder engagement - connecting with key stakeholders at an emotional level
  • Customer service skills - connecting with customers at a sensory level
  • Emotional Intelligence - emotions versus data and which one wins?
  • Effective public speaking skills - how storytelling impacts audience engagement
  • Nonverbal communications skills to improve your professional brand
  • Effective communication skills - how people “filter” you when you communicate
  • What's your professional brand? How can you improve it and be your own coach?
  • Leadership skills and leadership motivation strategies
  • Leadership skills to transform your career and relationships
  • Horse Sense for leaders – how working with horses transforms your leadership style
  • Sales motivation strategies to enhance client relationships
  • Sales communication skills to build customer trust
  • Crisis management and reputation management strategies that matter
  • Social media, crisis response and public perceptions
  • Keys to a successful crisis communications response strategy
  • The qualities of a successful media crisis spokesperson
  • Essential media crisis skills to influence news reporters
  • And much more!
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