Effective presentation skills are key for business success. Benchmark delivers award-winning presentation solutions: presentation skills training, public speaking coaching, business storytelling, videos, executive speeches and custom PowerPoint designs.

Benchmark's presentation coaches have unmatched expertise: human behavior experts, award-winning journalists, professional actors, creative writers, TV producers and engaging public speakers.

Executive Presentation Coaching

Executive Presentations –

Executive presentation coaching is the perfect solution for leaders who need stronger presenting and public speaking skills. Today's leaders must deliver engaging presentations that sell your organization's brand, ideas and initiatives. Our coaches will show your leaders how to use the right combinations of words, stories, space, silence, ideas and nonverbal cues to be dynamic presenters. They will practice on camera and receive immediate and targeted feedback. Benchmark's professional presentation coaches are former journalists, professional actors and TV directors. They are also award-winning communicators and experts in human behavior. Our team has earned a solid reputation for transforming mediocre presenters into powerful speakers.
executive presentation skills coaching podium

Public Speaking for Leaders –

During this challenging executive presentation coaching your executives receive both verbal and written feedback. They will walk away with new presentation skills they can use to motivate employees, customers and other audiences toward your business goals. Whether your leaders need a small tune-up or a complete overhaul, this coaching will make a huge difference. Benchmark Communications is also known for creating compelling custom PowerPoint presentations for special occasions and corporate events! Find out why so many Fortune 500 companies say this executive presentation coaching is a real game changer!

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