Effective presentation skills are key for business success. Benchmark delivers award-winning presentation solutions: presentation skills training, public speaking coaching, business storytelling, videos, executive speeches and custom PowerPoint designs.

Benchmark's presentation coaches have unmatched expertise: human behavior experts, award-winning journalists, professional actors, creative writers, TV producers and engaging public speakers.

Congressional Testimony

Testimony Coaching

Business leaders must be fully prepared for congressional testimony. The stakes are high because lawmakers impact how they operate. Also, what they say when testifying before Congress will influence public and news media perceptions. They may face hours or even days of grueling questioning by lawmakers. Benchmark Communications offers highly effective Congressional Testimony Coaching to prepare your leaders. During on-camera mock hearings they will learn key strategic communication skills and testimony strategies necessary to deliver effective congressional testimony.
Testimony Coaching US capitol

Congressional Testimony Skills

The creator of Benchmark's testimony strategies is an attorney who is also an expert in human behavior, language and courtroom skills. He has countless hours of legal expertise related to depositions, testimony and courtroom presentations. Our other testimony experts are professional communicators, writers, actors and award-winning journalists.

Testimony Experts

Our testimony experts will help your leaders understand the consequences of their words and nonverbal skills during congressional testimony. They will discover how to align with emotions, frame messages and gain new strategies to humanize your organization during congressional testimonial.

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