Strong stakeholder trust is key to your business success. Trust is now called the new currency. Doors open with high trust; doors close with low trust. Discover how Benchmark can help you improve stakeholder relations and trust levels.

Benchmark's stakeholder engagement consultants are experts in human behavior, communication and motivation. The firm offers stakeholder communication training and consulting solutions to build stakeholder trust.

Stakeholder Engagement Training II

Stakeholder Support & Trust – Stakeholder engagement training helps your organization earn stakeholder support so you can more easily achieve your business goals. Our stakeholder relations experts provide your people the skills they need to effectively engage stakeholders and build trust. Fortune 500 leaders say Benchmark's approach to stakeholder relations gets the best and most immediate results!

Stakeholder Training Options – Our Stakeholder Engagement Training I is ready to go and your people learn how to effectively communicate and build trust with stakeholders about specific issues. Your people can apply the skills to any stakeholder group or initiative. Or, you may choose Stakeholder Communication Training II; with this program we team up with your content experts to evaluate and understand any key stakeholder research you have gleaned from focus groups, public opinion polls or other sources. Then, we merge your stakeholder research with our program to deliver a more custom stakeholder engagement training program.  Benchmark also offers Stakeholder Analysis & Mapping to help you discover stakeholder criteria and expectations.

Earning Stakeholder Trust – Trust is the foundation of successful stakeholder relations and this stakeholder communication training will ensure you have the skills necessary to build trust and solidify stakeholder relationships. When stakeholders understand and trust your organization, doors of opportunity open up. To gain trust, it is crucial that you engage stakeholders at an emotional level. Studies show people are more influenced by emotions than by data. Our stakeholder engagement experts also know that people naturally resist messages that confront their core filters, such as culture, identity, beliefs, emotions and perspectives. This is why many organizations fall short in their efforts to trust and influence stakeholders.

The Process – First, our experts will assess the results of your stakeholder research. Second, we will help you understand the role of emotions and other core filters that determine how stakeholders perceive your organization. Third, we will equip your people with communication skills to effectively establish trust with your stakeholders. After the training your people will be equipped to move forward in unity with “one voice” to engage your stakeholders.

Training & Consulting Experts – Benchmark has consulted with and trained people from all 50 USA states and more than 25 countries. Our highly motivated teams consists of 20+ pros with expertise in human behavior, stakeholder engagement, public relations, emotional intelligence, media relations, reputation management, law and more. Our leaders are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns; this expertise has allowed us to develop advanced skills around emotional alignment and human behavior patterns.
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