7 Steps to a Well-Formed Outcome

Crisis Lessons Learned

Every crisis has a silver lining IF you identify and act on the lessons learned. The USA has learned many things from the COVID-19 crisis. But the most worthwhile lesson has been the importance of having a Well-Formed Outcome to achieve goals! Below you will see this goal-setting model called 7 steps to a Well-Formed Outcome. Your odds of actually achieving a goal are greatly increased when these seven steps are in place!

The USA (like many countries) learned that that we were not set up for a successful crisis response for this unprecedented pandemic. This shortcoming in our response was primarily due to Step 2 in the Well-Formed Outcome model. Steps are already underway to deal with this dilemma.

Crisis Control is Key

The second step of a Well-Formed Outcome says the key elements of your goal must be within your own control. If they are not in your control, you must act to change this or have more options to address this issue. During the COVID-19 crisis the USA quickly realized that we were not in control of our supply chain for critical medical supplies. Leaders and citizens were hit with the reality and dangerous downside of outsourcing our medical supplies to countries like China. At one point China even threatened to withhold all medical exports to the USA.

The next time you are setting a goal at home or work, you can use these 7 Steps to a Well-Formed Outcome. Your chances of success will greatly increase! You can also reach out to our team to help you improve your goal setting strategies for key projects.

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Goal Setting Best Practices

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