Effective communication skills and strategies are essential to achieving organizational and career goals! Benchmark delivers highly effective communication skills training, coaching and consulting programs to improve the soft skills and effectiveness of your people and organization. Our experts will help you unlock the potential of your leaders and people, so they can lead with greater clarity and purpose.

Our communication experts are also Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language. Our teams will help you transform your people and build a stronger corporate culture.

Witness Training

Gain the edge you need to be prepared and more successful during arbitrations, depositions and trials.
How You Succeed – Studies confirm you have less than 30 seconds to make a good impression. Our personalized witness training will help you transform how your witnesses deliver testimony, so they can make good first impressions and be much more effective and credible. Our leaders are communication experts and Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of effective behavior and language patterns. We have spent years showing people how to increase their Credibility and Likability Factors. The Credibility Factor has to do with presenting clear and believable information – while the Likability Factor has to do with how they deliver that information to connect at an emotional level. An NLP Master and attorney involved in countless legal proceedings and trials developed this cutting-edge training program to help witnesses testify with more confidence and skill.
How We Can Help – According to Psychology Today, people process small clues about you when you speak – everything from tone of voice, to posture, and then they form a larger picture about you in their minds. Our experts will show your witnesses how to align their beliefs to make a good impression and also help them solve communication problems, overcoming fear, thinking clearly under pressure and establishing personal connections. According to a UCLA study, nonverbal communication accounts for about 90 percent of how people respond to you, so your witnesses must also have solid nonverbal communication skills. Through our NLP studies and expertise, we have identified the nuances of nonverbal strategies that set a typical witness apart from a superior one. Your witnesses will learn how to be more relaxed and focused, and choose appropriate language patterns to improve their Credibility and Likability Factors! Our approach is realistic, practical, and straightforward, with ready-to-use witness skills and strategies. It will give you the edge you need for success!.


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Solid communication and empathy skills are essential to your career thriving on all types of terrain - smooth, rocky, muddy or rough. Careers, morale, employee retention and profits are all impacted by ineffective communication. Hiring managers report that people entering the job market for the...

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