Motivating. Flexible. Leading.

You are always leading – first yourself, and then others! Benchmark delivers highly effective leadership skills coaching, consulting and training programs. We provide top-rated leadership development strategies to help your high potentials and leaders change behaviors and acquire new skills to be their very best!

Our leadership coaches are also Certified Master Practitioners in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, the study of effective language and behavior patterns.

Presentation Designers & Executive Speech Writers

Predictable Vs. Custom Presentations – Leaders often tell us their organizations get into presentation ruts. Our team of professional presentation designers and executive speech writers will help you break out of your rut with fresh ideas and compelling presentation designs. From concept to completion, we will help you create dynamic and engaging presentations to get the right results. You will enjoy the power of  professionally produced and custom presentations and receive presentation coaching to greatly improve your delivery skills! You will hit more home runs with your audience to influence their thinking and keep them engaged!
Top Presentation Designs – Just because you present or speak, does not mean you are heard! You are competing with crucial audience filters: emotions, beliefs, perspectives, values, criteria and more. We help you design presentations that use these filters to immediately engage your audience and influence them at an emotional level. You succeed when your presentation designs are targeted, engaging and worthy of your audience’s time! Our presentation design experts know how to shape ideas into presentations that engage people at an emotional level and shift their beliefs and behaviors.
Audience Filters – We can help you create custom presentations from conception to completion – to ensure your next presentation exceeds audience expectations! Our process is as follows: assess your presentation goals, evaluate audience criteria, review content and related research materials, improve messaging, identify compelling themes and storylines and create engaging PowerPoint (or other media). Finally, we show you presentation deliver strategies to transform how you connect with your audience. You will increase your Credibility and Likability Factors. The Credibility Factor has to do with presenting believable and compelling information. The Likability Factor has to do with how you deliver that information to connect with your audience at an emotional level.
Overcoming the Fear of Presenting – If you have a fear of presenting, our coaches have a very high success rate helping people overcome this obstacle. Clients who once dreaded presenting say they now look forward to it! We have been helping leaders improve their presenting skills for more than 25 years – and our goal is to give you the edge you need to be your very best!
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