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Today's leaders must have strong soft skills to inspire and equip teams to achieve your business goals. Benchmark delivers highly effective leadership development and leadership coaching solutions.

Benchmark's leadership consultants are experts in human behavior, communication and motivation. Fortune 500 companies call on Benchmark for customized leadership development solutions.

IWAM Personality Test

Effective Personality Tests

Business professionals need stronger soft skills and self-awareness to achieve their full potential. This is why many of Benchmark's Fortune 500 clients prefer the very popular iWAM personality test. The iWAM is much more targeted than traditional personality tests such as Myers-Briggs or DISC. Those tests focus on categories of behavior, while the iWAM reveals 48 traits or preferences (Meta Programs) specific to each person. Benchmark’s leadership coaches also prefer this personality test. It is the perfect tool for professional development.

iWAM Personality Test for Leaders

The Better Assessment

Studies show motivation accounts for up to 60 percent of your performance as a leader. The iWAM reveals how you are naturally motivated to achieve goals. It also shows how you make decisions and how you prefer to interact with others. The iWAM test also provides insights into how you prefer to communicate and much more. It is an extremely useful professional growth tool to target the right soft skills.

Leadership Patterns

Leaders value another important iWAM feature. This assessment reveals the seven behavioral patterns that are common to successful leaders. We can compare your results to worldwide results. This feature helps us identify future professional growth opportunities. It also means Benchmark can create a more targeted coaching game plan to achieve your leadership and team goals.


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