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You are always leading – first yourself, and then others! Benchmark delivers highly effective leadership skills coaching, consulting and training programs. We provide top-rated leadership development strategies to help your high potentials and leaders change behaviors and acquire new skills to be their very best!

Our leadership coaches are also Certified Master Practitioners in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, the study of effective language and behavior patterns.

Leadership Communication

Transform your leadership and communication capabilities with better skills and strategies to improve collaboration, increase influence, build trust and create stronger relationships.
How You Succeed – Successful leaders clearly communicate and motivate people toward achieving organizational goals – and the right coaching program can ensure you have superior communication skills worthy of leadership. A Stanford University study shows most leaders want to improve their communication strategies to improve collaboration, create stronger relationships and build more influence. At Benchmark, we say, “Just because you speak, meet or present, does not mean you are heard!” Great leaders earn the right to be heard.
What You Will Learn – During our coaching or training sessions you will learn how to increase your success in the areas of state management, rapport, motivation, listening, nonverbal communication, compassion, empathy, feedback strategies, systemic thinking, persuasion, conflict management, decision-making, interpersonal skills, messaging and much more. A UCLA study reveals that nonverbal communication accounts for almost 90 percent of how people respond to you, and you will also learn a range of powerful nonverbal skills to be more effective.
Key Drivers - You will discover the primary communication drivers that impact your success – beliefs, emotions, perspectives, criteria, culture, context and more. You will learn how to use these drivers to improve your communication skills and, at the same time, increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the ability to recognize and control emotions that guide your thinking and behavior. You will also learn about Meta Programs and how they impact your effectiveness as a communicator. Meta Programs are behavioral filters or mental processes that manage and direct your thinking – they determine how you are motivated, convinced / persuaded, how you communicate, how you prefer to interact with others, how you make decisions and much more. When you understand these Programs, you can more easily improve your performance, communication skills, and self-awareness and rapport capabilities. Stronger communication skills will open more doors of opportunity for you and your organization.


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