Top news media skills are a must for today's business leaders. Benchmark Communications offers strategic media consulting and coaching to help you tell your story! The firm delivers top-notch media training and effective spokesperson skills to Fortune 500 companies and leaders.

Organizations need solid media strategies because studies show news organizations greatly impact public perceptions about brands, issues and leaders. People are more influenced by media reports than by an organization's advertising or marketing campaign.

Media Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching & Prep – You need the best media interview coaching when you are asked to participate in media interviews. Our team of award-winning journalists and media coaches will ensure you are fully prepared for the predictable and surprises! We offer a range of media interview coaching services: media interview negotiations, issue research, media messaging, media coaching and more.

Media Interviews – News media outlets have an endless appetite for newsworthy information to feed their audiences, and this translates into opportunities and challenges for your organization. The opportunity is you get to reach key stakeholders and influence how they think about your brand. Our team has prepared many spokespersons for many media opportunities – local news outlets, CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, Dr. Phil. 60 Minutes, PBS, the New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Fox News, Reuters, Bloomberg News and many others.

Interview Planning – Our media coaches and consultants provide a range of services to help you prepare for news media interviews: we will assess the pros and cons of media participation, advise you how to negotiate the terms of the interview, help you choose and prepare your best spokesperson, identify possible questions and create targeted messages to tell your story, ensure your spokesperson connects at an emotional level with the audience and much more. We will ensure your spokesperson is fully prepared, comfortable, confident for a variety of interview scenarios and questions.


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