Today's leaders are expected to have top media skills - and effective media strategies are "gold" because you can connect people to your brand in a way that is not possible through traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Benchmark delivers quality media training, consulting and coaching programs to help you tell your story to the media and influence key stakeholders!

Our media experts are also masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the study of effective language and human behavior patterns.

Media Spokesperson Training

Spokesperson Skills Training – Advanced spokesperson skills will allow you to begin reaping the benefits of positive news coverage! You will hit more home runs for your organization by improving your media messages and delivery skills; the key is to meet reporters' criteria while achieving your goals. You will see an immediate difference with this media spokesperson training as you gain new spokesperson skills to improve your Credibility & Likability Factors. Any day of the week you will see credible spokespersons, but only a few are also likable. Both Factors are key to influencing journalists and the public. Find out why Fortune 500 leaders say this media training is a real game changer!
Media Skills Investment – Media training is a worthwhile investment; studies show that people find positive media coverage about your organization to be more believable than paid information planted in marketing campaigns. With 24/7 news cycles, the media are constantly seeking information and sources for their stories, and our media consultants will show you how to refine your stories for maximum media appeal to increase your news coverage. This program will prepare you to succeed with general reporters, bloggers and the trade press. Media Messaging Strategies – How you frame media messages greatly determines if news producers and reporters avoid you – or value you as are reliable news source. Journalists resist information appears too self-serving, and we will show you how to use perspectives to make sure your stories have the right media and public appeal.
Award-Winning Media Pros – Our media coaches have prepared many organizations for a wide range of media opportunities – local news outlets, CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, 60 Minutes, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Fox News, Reuters, Bloomberg News, PBS, Dr. Phil and many others. Our leaders are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); this study in behavior and language patterns has allowed us to develop many advanced media training skills. Perceptions & Emotions – Research reveals that emotions are more important than data when people make decisions, and reporters focus on emotions – even in business news. Our advanced spokesperson strategies will help you avoid data dumps and use emotions to humanize your organization.
More Spokesperson Skills – You will learn many other key media strategies, so you can do the following: “speak media” so you are more newsworthy, manage the interview, stay on message, dress up your interview with compelling “accessories”, avoid typical reporter traps, increase your comfort level, better organize your messages, not look over-coached, handle the most challenging questions and more. Our goal is to give you the edge you need to succeed with the news media and your audience!
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