Effective crisis management strategies must be in place when your organization faces bad news. Your reputation and future are at stake. Benchmark delivers top crisis communications consulting solutions and training.

Our crisis communication experts have worked with organizations and leaders from across the USA and 22 countries. Discover how our crisis experts can help you succeed in your crisis response.

Crisis Management Plans

Effective Crisis Planning

Effective crisis management plans are crucial to every business. More companies are facing negative news and operational risks are no longer the only source of crises. An executive or employee doing something stupid on social media can turn into a full-blown corporate crisis. A McKinsey study reveals that news media headlines with the word "crisis" and the names of Forbes top 100 companies showed an 80% increase in recent years! Another recent poll shows that 48% of the professional communicators admit their organizations do not have sound crisis communication plans in place!

Get Help Today

Ignoring crisis preparation is like choosing to forego a community fire department; once something is on fire you are in big trouble! Benchmark Communications can review your existing crisis management plans. We can update your plans or create new ones. If you have no crisis plans, then we can conduct a vulnerability audit across your organization to create a custom crisis plan. We will identify your organization's biggest risks and help you form a crisis management team. Then, we will train your crisis team and develop crisis guidelines for your leaders, employees and contractors. Later we will test your response crisis capabilities with crisis drills and other tools.

Crisis Response Experts

Our consultants have more than three decades of helping businesses improve their crisis preparation. Our teams' backgrounds are in crisis communications, law, media and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and more. We have assisted clients with a range of crises: hurricanes, activist protests, media investigations, competitor meddling, environmental disasters, mass murder, class action lawsuits, fraud charges, E. coli outbreaks, industrial accidents, food contamination and more.

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