Effective crisis management strategies must be in place when your organization faces bad news. Your reputation and future are at stake. Benchmark delivers top crisis communications consulting solutions and training.

Our crisis communication experts have worked with organizations and leaders from across the USA and 22 countries. Discover how our crisis experts can help you succeed in your crisis response.

Crisis Media Training

Crisis Media Strategies

Studies show more organizations are facing crises and this is why customized crisis media training is crucial. Your leaders must be ready to speak to the news media and influence public perceptions. Benchmark Communications' training is designed for business leaders and crisis spokespersons. Our training is led by award-winning journalists and experienced crisis communication consultants. Our firm's crisis media trainers have more than three decades of reputation management expertise. They consistently receive the highest ratings from Fortune 500 companies. Clients say they enjoy Benchmark's highly interactive workshops and also appreciate the fun, yet challenging learning environment.

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Crisis Media Skills

Your leaders have just one chance to make a good first impression when bad news breaks. During this crisis media training workshop your leaders will learn the latest crisis trends and core skills that crisis spokespersons must master. They also learn about crisis leadership and how to structure effective media interviews. Effective crisis spokespersons must have credible on-camera delivery skills. Benchmark's media pros will share nonverbal strategies to make them look much more credible on camera. They will also discover proven techniques to manage news reporters and best practices for addressing negative public perceptions.

Crisis Spokespersons

The best crisis spokespersons know how to work with emotions during a crisis media interview. Benchmark's crisis consultants and media trainers are experts in emotions, crisis leadership and human behavior. We will help your leaders understand the impact of Emotional Memory Tags (EMTs). This is key for addressing crisis emotions. Benchmark's trainers know how to motivate leaders to learn while having some fun, too! Our people are ready to help your leaders be their best and enjoy this highly engaging workshop.


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