Effective crisis management strategies must be in place when your organization faces bad news. Your reputation and future are at stake. Benchmark delivers top crisis communications consulting solutions and training.

Our crisis communication experts have worked with organizations and leaders from across the USA and 22 countries. Discover how our crisis experts can help you succeed in your crisis response.

Executive Crisis Leadership

Crisis Leadership

Executives are expected to have sound crisis leadership strategies to lead your organization during a crisis. This is why Benchmark offers highly-rated executive crisis leadership consulting and training services. We will help your leaders understand the latest crisis trends that will impact your business. They will assess crisis case studies to understand why some businesses fail while others succeed in their crisis response. Our crisis experts will equip your leaders with the most vital crisis leadership skills they need in today's volatile business environment.

Crisis Leadership News Conference

Executive Spokesperson Skills

Your  leaders must also master executive spokesperson skills when the stakes and emotions are high. Our media coaches are experts in crisis emotions and we will help them polish their executive spokesperson skills. They will gain a clear understanding about the main drivers of public and media perceptions. During challenging on-camera sessions they will learn how to deliver targeted messages, manage hostile news reporters and earn stakeholder trust. Trust is today's currency!

Crisis Leadership Experts

Benchmark Communications offers a comprehensive menu of executive crisis leadership services. Our teams have successfully prepared Fortune 500 leaders for media encounters with The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg and others. We have also helped organizations implement crisis strategies to address environmental disasters, mass killings, oil spills and much more.



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