Effective crisis management strategies must be in place when your organization faces bad news. Your reputation and future are at stake. Benchmark delivers top crisis communications consulting solutions and training.

Our crisis communication experts have worked with organizations and leaders from across the USA and 22 countries. Discover how our crisis experts can help you succeed in your crisis response.

Media Training Basics

Crisis Media Spokesperson

When bad news breaks your organization must respond quickly and this is why temporary spokespersons should be part of your plans. Most crisis news stories are now broken on social media and this is why media training basics is an important investment. All it takes is one citizen journalist armed with a cell phone camera to put your business into the middle of a full-blown crisis. Benchmark Communications created media training basics to equip select managers with skills to be your temporary media spokesperson. They gain the media skills they need to fill the void until your official spokesperson is ready for news reporters.
Media Training Reporters

How You Succeed

Your company has one chance to make a good first impression when a crisis strikes. In the perfect world your official spokesperson would be ready to speak with the news media. But in the real world your spokesperson needs time to prepare. Meanwhile, the news media blares the message, "The company has no comment." That is not good! Benchmark's media training basics equips your temporary media spokespersons with sound holding skills. This allows you to get out in front of the story and define the crisis – instead of letting the media and others define it for you.

What You Will Learn

Benchmark’s media trainers and crisis experts have worked with Fortune 500 companies and leaders in all USA states and in 22 countries. This media training basics workshop was created solely for temporary spokespersons. Your people will learn how to manage news reporters, stay on message and give key information to satisfy the public. Most important, they will build their confidence as media spokespersons. Companies say this training is challenging and fun! Your select managers walk away with new communication skills they can use daily to be better leaders.


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