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Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution skills are among the most desirable skills for leaders and team members. This is because conflict is a natural part of life and work, but many people are uncomfortable addressing conflicts. This is why Conflict Resolution Skills Training is often rated among the Top 10 Soft Skills people need to be more engaged and productive at work. Benchmark's conflict resolution strategies will forever change how you respond to conflict and how others respond to you!
conflict resolution skills training

Why Conflict Exists

Conflict is a natural part of the communication process. People bring their life experiences into the workplace, along with varying degrees of capabilities and conflict resolution skills. Conflict exists because of different perspectives, beliefs, experiences, knowledge levels, self-esteem, capabilities, cultures and emotions. Most people would prefer to be at ease with conflict, but they are not! This is why conflict resolution skills training is crucial to the well-being and productivity of your people.

Conflict Resolution Skills

During this highly interactive training (or coaching), you will improve your conflict resolution skills by improving your awareness and strategies in a range of key areas, including: perspective strategies, belief awareness, emotional alignment skills and state management skills. You will also learn about language frames, framing skills, deep listening skills, rapport skills, feedback strategies, information gathering skills, nonverbal communication, motivation strategies and much more.

Separating Issues From People

Studies show that people hold on to their beliefs during conflict and data alone will not solve conflicts; you must know how to work with beliefs and emotions. During this conflict resolutions skills training, you will also learn how to shift your beliefs to resolve conflicts and practice skills to separate issues from people. By doing this, your relationships are preserved.

Nonverbal Communication Skills

It is also important to understand how your nonverbal cues impact conflict resolution success. Studies reveal that nonverbal cues greatly impact how people respond to you, and you will learn skills to ensure your nonverbal cues support your goals when working toward conflict resolutions.

Behavioral Filters

To improve your conflict resolutions skills, you should also understand drivers that greatly impact how you handle conflict - triggers, beliefs, culture, decision strategies, emotions, context, Meta Programs and other elements. Meta Programs are behavioral filters that direct your thinking and actions. They determine how you are convinced, how you communicate, how you prefer to interact with others, how you make decisions and more. By understanding these Programs, you can more easily improve your self-awareness and communication skills to resolve conflicts.

Conflict Resolution Experts

Our leaders are communication experts; we have helped leaders and organizations in all 50 USA state and more than 25 countries improve their conflict resolution and other soft skills. Our leaders are also Certified Master Practitioners in the study of behavior and language patterns. We will show you how to awareness of Meta Programs can improve your conflict resolution skills. You will forever change how you respond to conflict!

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