Effective communications drives business success. Benchmark helps organizations, teams and leaders improve how they connect, communicate and influence others.

We deliver strategic communication solutions, communication training and communication coaching. Discover how we can unlock the full potential of your people so they can lead with greater clarity and purpose.

Effective Communication Skills

Soft Skills Training

Effective communication skills are among the hottest soft skills in today's job market. Job recruiters agree and say companies must hire effective communicators to remain competitive. Yet, more than 60 percent of employers say most job candidates today lack solid communication skills. Studies also blame low employee engagement scores on leaders with poor communication skills. Disengaged employees harm your business because they are not committed to their work. They just take up space and get a paycheck. This is why Benchmark Communications offers effective communication training for leaders and teams. We deliver the soft skills your people need to fulfill their potential for your organization.

Effective Communication Workshops

Effective communicators simply add more value to teams and organizations because they are able to clearly share ideas and influence others. Benchmark's effective communication skills training is designed to make a difference for your business. We offer custom workshops. We can help your assess your goals and deliver a custom training agenda. The following the most requested communication skills: rapport skills, deep listening skills, nonverbal communication, feedback strategies, motivation strategies, emotional alignment skills, state management skills and conflict management skills. You may also choose presentation skills, information gathering skills, messaging skills and more. Clients consistently rave about Benchmark's fun and highly interactive communication training workshops! We will equip your people with the most powerful communication and soft skills available.

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