Effective communication skills and strategies are essential to achieving organizational and career goals! Benchmark delivers highly effective communication skills training, coaching and consulting programs to improve the soft skills and effectiveness of your people and organization. Our experts will help you unlock the potential of your leaders and people, so they can lead with greater clarity and purpose.

Our communication experts are also Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language. Our teams will help you transform your people and build a stronger corporate culture.

Effective Communication Skills

Soft Skill Demand – Effective communication skills are consistently ranked by job recruiters and HR leaders as one of the most "in demand" soft skills. Effective communicators simply add more value to teams and organizations because they are able to clearly share ideas and influence others. This effective communication skills training will help you unlock the secrets of effective communication, so you and your team can reap the rewards of improved performance, stronger relationships and more growth opportunities.
A Soft Skills Drought – Studies reveal that 60 percent of employers say people lack effective communication and interpersonal skills – yet these skills are essential to productivity, morale and commitment in the workplace. A US survey shows that large organizations lose on average 62 million dollars a year due to inadequate communication! Studies also show that 85% percent of employees are disengaged - and much of that points to managers who lack solid communication and rapport skills. The Match Game – What is behind this struggle with communication skills? You might say that effective communication is a “match” game. The more you match the “filters” of others – their criteria, expectations, beliefs, knowledge, culture, cues, motivations, etc., the more effective your communications with them. Our communication coaches have studied these filters for almost 30 years; we will help you understand to unlock these filters so you can reach your full potential as an effective communicator! Communication Experts – Our leaders are experts in communications and we are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns. We will show you how to see communication as a "process"; you will learn how to match the most crucial communication and sensory filters to improve your communication capabilities on a daily basis.
The Filter Mystery – Benchmark's training takes the mystery out of communication by showing you how to work with key filters that impact your communication effectiveness: beliefs, strategies, emotions, context, culture and other filters greatly influence how well you communicate on a daily basis. During our highly interactive sessions, you will learn how to identify and match core filters that impact your ability to connect and clearly communicate with others. Key Skills – You will learn new strategies to improve your rapport skills, deep listening skills, nonverbal communication, feedback strategies, motivation strategies, emotional alignment skills, state management skills, conflict management, perspective strategies, information gathering skills, messaging, question and answer strategies and much more. You will also learn how nonverbal cues support your verbal communication and overall image.
EQ Boost – Everything you learn will increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). EQ is ability to recognize and control emotions to guide your thinking and behavior. In addition, you will learn about Meta Programs, behavioral filters or mental processes that guide and direct your thinking. These Programs determine how you are convinced, persuaded, how you communicate, how you prefer to interact with others and much more. You will walk away from this training (or coaching) with transforming skills that will immediately benefit you and your organization.
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