Effective communication skills and strategies are essential to achieving organizational and career goals! Benchmark delivers highly effective communication skills training, coaching and consulting programs to improve the soft skills and effectiveness of your people and organization. Our experts will help you unlock the potential of your leaders and people, so they can lead with greater clarity and purpose.

Our communication experts are also Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language. Our teams will help you transform your people and build a stronger corporate culture.

Employee Brand Ambassadors

Reap the benefits of giving your employees the tools and incentives they need to be effective brand ambassadors for your organization. Increase trust and improve your business relationships!
How You Succeed – Employees are the face of your organization. Every day they connect and communicate with your customers and others; they create “experiences” that influence how key stakeholders perceive your organization. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, employees rank higher in public trust than an organization’s CEO, Founder or PR department! In short, stakeholders view your employees as authentic and credible! This is why more organizations are tapping select employees to serve as ambassadors to build trust and strengthen business relationships. A successful Ambassador Program provides employees with the knowledge, training and resources to tell your story as they interact with stakeholders – during daily interactions, presentations, special meetings, social media and other venues. Creating such a program can lead to multiple benefits for your organization – from stronger employee morale and engagement, to stronger stakeholder relations and bottom line profits.
Building an Ambassador Program – More than fifteen years ago Benchmark created its first Ambassador Program for a client with thousands of employees across eight states. The program was instrumental in creating a stronger and more customer-centric culture; the company reported it also resulted in a drop in stakeholder litigation. Benchmark’s team will help you plan and build a strong Ambassador Program to provide your employees with the knowledge and key tools they need to be successful. We will analyze your goals and review the resources you already have in place to support your Program. Then, we will assist you with everything from the design, to implementation and maintenance of your Program. We will help you establish the criteria for ambassador participation and define the potential participation levels for your people. A strong ambassador program will lead to a stronger future for your employees, stakeholders and organization!


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Solid communication and empathy skills are essential to your career thriving on all types of terrain - smooth, rocky, muddy or rough. Careers, morale, employee retention and profits are all impacted by ineffective communication. Hiring managers report that people entering the job market for the...

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