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Employee Brand Ambassadors

Employee Ambassadors

Employee brand ambassadors are more believable than your marketing or PR campaigns. This is why ambassador programs are growing in popularity. This is also why more companies are tapping employees ambassadors to build trust with customers and other key stakeholders. A worldwide survey on trust shows the public trusts employees more than your top leaders. Trust is now called the new currency so creating an ambassador program is a worthwhile investment. Benchmark Communications can help you create an effective program. Then we will provide employee ambassador training to equip your people with the skills and strategies they need to succeed.

Employee Ambassador Training

Successful employee brand ambassadors need a solid foundation. They need knowledge, training and resources to tell your story and build trust. Our training will give employees the know-how and skills to drive business goals. A well-planned program can translate into stronger employee engagement, higher trust levels with key audiences and healthy bottom-line profits. Benchmark’s consultants will analyze your goals and review the resources you already have in place. Then, we will design and implement the employee ambassador training. With the right guidance your employee ambassadors will lead to a stronger future for your stakeholders and organization!


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