Effective communication skills and strategies are essential to achieving organizational and career goals! Benchmark delivers highly effective communication skills training, coaching and consulting programs to improve the soft skills and effectiveness of your people and organization. Our experts will help you unlock the potential of your leaders and people, so they can lead with greater clarity and purpose.

Our communication experts are also Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language. Our teams will help you transform your people and build a stronger corporate culture.

Customer & Call Center Communications

Transform how customers experience your brand with advanced, yet practical strategies for building rapport, trust and stronger relationships.
How You Succeed – Studies reveal it costs more to develop a new customer than to keep an existing one, so keeping customers satisfied isn’t just good business – it is essential to business. You are creating an “experience” each time you interact with a customer. The customer will not remember most of the facts or data you share, but they will remember how you made them feel – the experience. Even when you cannot deliver what they want, you can control the experience. Studies show emotions trump data when people make decisions, and our expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns, allows us to help you respond to your customers at an emotional level for more satisfying experiences.
What You Will Learn – Customers are more savvy and demanding today, and this training will help you discover the impact of beliefs, attitudes, words and actions. You will learn how to truly get into the customer’s perspective to more quickly resolve issues. You will also learn how your beliefs directly impact your verbal and nonverbal communication – and how to change limiting beliefs. You will discover the difference between solution and problem frame language patterns, and how your language affects the customer’s neurology.
Our leaders are Certified Master Practitioners in NLP and we will help you improve your capabilities in a range of important areas, including emotional alignment skills, creating agreement frames, solution frame language patterns, impact of limiting beliefs, perspective language, aligning versus boxing strategies, deep listening skills, rapport skills, state management skills, conflict management, information gathering skills, nonverbal communication, motivation strategies and more. Customer encounters can become less stressful for your associates and more profitable for everyone!


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Solid communication and empathy skills are essential to your career thriving on all types of terrain - smooth, rocky, muddy or rough. Careers, morale, employee retention and profits are all impacted by ineffective communication. Hiring managers report that people entering the job market for the...

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